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Improving the Human Health is a one of the great factor to improve the life ratio of the World. Here you will find about Autism Spectrum Disorder and more.


The Greek god Narcissus was well-known for his beauty. She loved her look so much that she spent most of her life looking at her face in a pool of water. He despised those who loved him, causing some to end their lives in an attempt to prove their devotion. His story is a story of warning of the tragic consequences of selfishness. People with narcissism or narcissistic personality disorder exhibit traits similar to those of Narcissus.

Narcissism is overconfidence that makes one ignore the needs of others. Almost everyone occasionally engages in boring behavior. People with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) have a personality characterized by intense involvement and constant indifference to others.

Conclusion : Improving the Human Health is the most important thing to do in the world.

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